Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Slits' Ari Up flies away home....

The loss of Ari-Up of the Slits is devastating not only for those like me who got to frolic and skank with her for three decades plus, but for music. A genuinely original free spirit, Arri at 14 showed us how to be a punk. In many ways, she was the soul of the movement, specially the Punky Reggae Party people. An incredible songwriter, lyricist, style innovator and a conscious hurricane onstage.

The footage of me singing Dennis Brown's Revolution onstage with Ari and the Slits in Williamsburg four years ago (approx!) is here on the site -- thanks to Joly of punkcast.com for shooting it. I've also added a shot by Janette Beckman of when Ari came in to my punk class at NYU, five years ago. I look pretty different now, thinner and with red hair -- but Arri just kept looking like this, amazingly lithe and limber throughout her life's journey... Actually, this shot was staged for a story, hence the lack of students! But she enthralled those we coralled for the pic. I LIVICATED my last Punk class to her... so many students were excited about her, and clearly felt the loss of an inspirational punk icon.
Miss you, sister.

I was privileged to honour her in quote form in the New York Times and Daily Telegraph UK



....and to talk about her on BBC Radio's Woman's Hour (this link doesn't last forever so contact me if you really want to hear it and it's vanished...)


As one mutual sistr'en observed -- Life's going to be much more boring now.